Community Events, Education, and Outreach

    In order to show the community how sweet and beautiful the Bengal is, we participate in various community events in our area.

    If your school class or community group is in East Tennessee and would like to meet a Bengal, feel free to contact us.

    Kids Love Leopardy:
    University of Tennessee Vet School Open Houses

    Leopardy has been a guest exhibitor at the UT Vet School Open House for the third year in a row (2001, 2002, and 2003). School children and teachers from all over the East Tennessee area come these annual Open Houses. Here some of the children and their teachers meet Leopardy while UT veterinary students (in the red shirts in the background) look on.

    Kids love Leopardy!

    Firenze in Professional Veterinary Publication!

    Pictures of our bengals are featured in this British veterinary medical text.Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis, internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist, is the author of a chapter on "Social Organization, Communication, and Development in Cats" in a book, The BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine, published by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association. The chapter features two pictures of our bengal queen, Firenze, mothering her kittens. One picture shows her nursing her kittens and the other shows her cleaning a kitten's bottom. The captions identify her as being a bengal----a breed rarely shown in technical veterinarian texts, especially as exhibiting "normal" cat behavior.

    In the USA and Canada, the book can be ordered here. It is a bit pricey but extremely useful and informative.

    Slides of PrinceRoyal Bengals Included at Major Veterinary Conference

    Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis, internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist, used some slides of our Leopardy and Zelazny grooming each other to illustrate her lecture on "Social Organization and Communication in the Domestic Cat" at the 2001 Annual Convention of the 2001 American Veterinary Medical Association.

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