The Name Game

Why are our cats named what they are?

Leopardy chomps on a toy she caught.This cat was so wild-looking, even as a kitten, that she needed a name that expressed her primal nature. I was watching the show "Jeopardy" on TV one evening and watching her prowl, leopard-like, around the room, and suddenly the words combined in my mind to "Leopardy." It's a great name, one which adults and children alike instantly grasp and can instantly connect with her. They hear her name and look at her, and they know, "Yep, that's a Leopardy all right."

Even as a kitten, Spellbinder drew the eye. Spellbinder moves well, but even in sleep his markings are so vivid and he is so extravagantly spotted that no matter what he is doing, he draws the eye. You simply cannot look elsewhere for long. Hence, Spellbinder.

High Time This kitten was a looong-awaited replacement for another cat. We waited literally years for her to come to us! The waiting was very hard. So, when we got her, "High Time" just seemed really appropriate. (Of course, there is a secondary meaning---this cat and I have such a high old time together!).

ChrysalisChrysalis is the closest in apperance to an F3 cat we've ever had...sweet and wild-looking, it was obvious when she was just a kitten that she would develop into something wonderful, and bring forth wonderful kittens of her own as well. Hence, Chrysalis...who has turned into our beautiful wild butterfly.

Argosy In Classical Greek mythology, the ship with which Jason obtained the Golden Fleece was named the "Argos." Thus the word "Argosy" has come to mean (a) "one or more merchant ships" or (b) "a rich source or supply"... more loosely, a ship carrying a priceless treasure in its hold.

We hope that our Argosy, the son of Lakewood Odyssey, carries the "treasure" of his father's huge, irregular rosettes in his genes and will bring it into our program when matched with the right girls. And then perhaps our ship will come in, in that respect :-)

This girl has a truly mirror coat...shines and glistens like glass, or still water reflecting back the sky. There are already lots of famous cats named variations on "Mirror"---and besides, she's got a special sheen that no one else quite emulates. So we named her Looking Glass, which is the fancy Victorian term for (1) a mirror or (2) the kind of hand-held magnifying glass that Sherlock Holmes used.

Rion was named when we got him---presumeably after his father, Orion.

Her mother is named Chrysalis, her father is named Spellbinder, and she herself is a highly unusual cat in terms of our program. What better to call her than Changeling?

Here are the names some of our breeder and pet buyers have given their cats (and a few we named)... I think you'll agree some of them are pretty inventive!
Casino Royale
Brooklyn Bright Lights
Pretty Boy Koffee Brown
Charmed I'm Sure


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