Details About Our Pet Kittens

What Do You Get?PrinceRoyal kitten (Kate x Templar) at 3 weeks.

What do you get when you get a pet bengal from us?

  • You get a cat without any known health-impacting genetic problems.

  • You get a cat that is in tip-top health.

  • You get a cat that has a stable personality and is well-behaved (well, for a cat!).

  • You get a written contract that guarantees all of the above. (For more details on this kind of thing, see Why Get a Pedigreed Cat?)

  • You get a kitten that has already received about $125 worth of medical care (vaccinations, examinations and testing, deworming, etc.).

  • You receive a Kitten Care Kit (see below).

Kitten Care Kit

We provide a Kitten Care Kit for every pet kitten that leaves our home. It contains your kitten's pedigree, a copy of his or her contract, the kitten's health record, and other useful information.

Our Pet Contract

Our contract is designed to do three things:

  1. Protect the cat thoughout its lifetime.

  2. Establish the terms under which you are buying the cat.

  3. Establish the terms under which we are selling you the cat.

We have put the basic provisions of the Pet Contract, including our Health and Temperament Guarantees online so you can get the gist of it. Please read it.

Shipping Policies

Of course we prefer not to have to ship your cat to you. We will make every effort to perhaps drive and meet you part-way or to find someone who is driving to a show near you who can (if you desire) bring it all or part of the way. However, given the size of our country, it is often necessary to send cats out by air.

Our beloved foster son, Bridlewood Knight Templar of Imprints, prepares to go to his home in New Zealand.We ship by air nationally and internationally. The buyer is responsible for all shipping-related charges. Shipping inside the continental USA usually runs about $175, plus an additional fee of $25 to $35 for the purchase of a carrier of the correct size for your cat and for accessories that meet airline transportation standards. (The carrier becomes the property of the new owner when it gets to the new owner, so if we are shipping your cat to you, you do not need to buy a carrier for it. It will arrive in a good one.) The buyer also is responsible for the cost of the required veterinary exam and Health Certificate that is necessary for air shipment, or for the travel of a cat across a state line. The exam/health certificate costs are $25 total. There is an additional $30 in transportation costs. We do not ship a cat unless payment has been received in full for both the cat and the estimated shipping-related charges.

Most often, we ship Delta cargo COD (we have "Known Shipper" status with Delta), but other arrangements can certainly be made.

We will not ship cats under 10 weeks old, and we prefer not to ship until age 12-14 weeks. Regardless of a kitten's calendar age, we will not ship a kitten if in our opinion it is not mature enough to be shipped. Our primary concern in determining if and when to ship a cat is the well-being of the cat.

Our local airport is McGhee-Tyson (TYS) in Knoxville, Tennessee. We will not ship any cat if the weather is too extreme or if it seems likely that a national emergency is imminent. When possible we ship counter-to-counter in order to minimize the amount of time the cat may spend sitting on loading docks, etc.

Travel Cost Estimator
(Continental USA)

Airline Cargo Shipping
Airline-Approved Carrier
Health Certificate
Transportation Costs
Probable Total
Our cattery cannot be responsible for what happens to the cat after it leaves our cattery and goes into the care/possession of the airline, so if it does not make it to its destination or is injured during transit or in any other way has a bad experience with the airline we cannot give any refunds or exchanges in that event. Most airlines provide insurance for your pet up to $2,500 to cover these unusual contingencies. We can guarantee that your cat will be in excellent health at the time of shipment----and rest assured that we will be tracking its journey every bit as anxiously as you are!

McKenzie Pearce and Leopardy. Click on photo to see photo credits.

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