Retiree Contract

    This page contains the provisions in our retiree contract, with some notes about the purpose or meaning of certain clauses.

    Notes and comments are in red.


    Terms of Sale

    This cat is being sold as a pet and companion animal (not as a breeding animal or as a show cat).

    The Buyer will assume all costs of shipping said cat, to include health certificate and air charges if applicable. [Not applicable if the cat is not being shipped, of course!]

    One of our retirees, Bengoria Mabitso Inoshow, aka Prince Rainier. The legal jurisdiction for this contract is and shall remain in Anderson County in the State of Tennessee regardless of the last signature and/or the subsequent state in which it may have been signed. This contract is legally binding to all parties involved. It applies only to the Seller and Buyer in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties. The Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions, and to pay as stated. In the event of default, the Buyer will be legally liable for any reasonable attorney and/or collection fee and all related costs.

    Guarantees By The Buyer

    The Buyer warrants that he is not acting as an agent or intermediary for a third party in purchasing this cat. [For instance, you are not really the front man for a wholesale pet shop!!]

    The Buyer assumes responsibility for the welfare of this cat. The Buyer will at all times provide this cat with appropriate care, including but not limited to nourishment, housing, veterinary care, and social attention.

    The cat will not be allowed outside without adequate supervision and protection.

    The cat will not be declawed. You can view information on declawing here.

    If at any time the cat is found to be abused, neglected, or mistreated, the Buyer will surrender said cat to the Seller unconditionally, with no refund of purchase price or replacement to be made. If this cat is ever found to have been abandoned, it becomes the sole property of the Seller, with no refund of purchase price or replacement to be made.

    If the Buyer ever transfers ownership or possession of the cat to another party, the Buyer must notify the Seller prior to the transfer and provide the Seller with the name, address, and phone number of the new owner or caregiver. [Why? In case, for instance, we learn something about a previously unknown health problem from relatives of this cat that we need to alert the owner about, etc.]

    If at some point for any reason the Buyer cannot keep or appropriately care for the cat and needs or would like assistance in finding a new home for it, the Buyer will contact the Seller for assistance in rehomeing the cat. [We hope and expect you will have this cat for its entire life, but if you do need to find it a new home and can't or aren't able to, we want to help.]

    The cat will not under any circumstances be sold, leased, or given away to any pet shop, wholesaler, humane shelter, research facility, or similar facility, or any agent thereof, nor will it be raffled or auctioned.

    Guarantees By The Seller

    The Seller guarantees that the cat is a purebred Bengal cat, with an accurate pedigree, and is registered in The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA).

    The Seller will provide the Buyer with an accurate pedigree for the cat.

    This cat has been microchipped. [Why? So that if the cat is ever lost or stolen and gets turned into a shelter, it can be returned to its home instead of put to sleep.] The Seller will provide the Buyer with the microchip registration information.

    This cat has been examined by a licensed veterinarian before being sent or delivered to the Buyer.

    If at some point for any reason the Buyer cannot keep or appropriately care for the cat and needs or would like assistance in finding a new home for it, the Seller will take responsibility for rehomeing the cat.

    This cat is being sold with showing rights but not as a show cat. The granting of showing rights does not imply potential show-related guarantees of any kind. The Seller does not guarantee that the cat is a show cat nor that it will do well at a show. [Most Sellers do not sell pet cats with showing rights, but showing is fun if you ever want to try it and if your cat is happy doing it. So we give show rights to retiree owners at no extra charge but with no quarantees either. Note that cats that have been neutered or spayed, as this cat has been, can be shown in "Alter" competition but not in "Championship" competition.]

    Please contact us if you have any questions about the basic provisions of the Retiree Contract.

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