Why Trust PrinceRoyal for Your New Family Member?

  • Easy and Refundable Deposits. We know times are sometimes diffcult. We only charge $100 for a deposit and, because you may have unexpected and unusual expenses, the deposit is fully refundable, no questions asked, until you take delivery of your bengal.
  • No Scams Here! We avoid taking payment (other than the deposit) until you personally meet and take possession of your kitten. We do not ship pet kittens, requiring instead that you come and get your kitten (or meet us somewhere to get him or her). Payment is not due until you have actually seen and handled the kitten so that there is no possibility whatever of a scam.
  • Temperament Guarantee. We guarantee that, at the time of leaving the cattery, your kitten is of a stable and tame, sociable temperament. If you and your kitten cannot get along, you may return it anytime during the first month for a full refund of the purchase price.
  • A Lifetime of Advice. As long as you have a cat from us, you can always call us and ask for our advice about health, behavior, food...anything at all.
  • A Written Contract. We give you a customized, written contract at the time of purchase that both parties must sign. The contract spells out the details of the placement so that all of us are clear about them. A general version of the contract is here.

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